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Simply Music is a remarkable, Australian-developed piano and keyboard program
that has beginning students playing great sounding pop, blues, classical and
accompaniment pieces immediately from their very first lessons.  Beginning students,
with no attention on having to read music, are free to relate directly to the piano, and
within months easily and naturally begin to establish a “hands-on” and personal
feeling for the instrument as they build a play-list that includes popular, classical,
blues and jazz styles, as well as develop the ability to play chords, and modern

Traditional Lessons
Reading based programs, for the most part, require that students first learn to read
music as the means of learning how to play.  This “read first, play later” approach is
slow and frustrating, and far too many students never acquire the ability to play.   In
fact, many lose their desire to learn altogether.

Simply Music
Simply Music ignores the myths about learning music, and bases its program on the
premise that every single human being without exception is deeply and naturally
musical.  Think of Simply Music as being like learning to talk.  We all talked for years
before we learned how to read and spell.  It is the same with our program.  We delay
the music reading process and start by showing you how to play fantastic music –

Unlike learning by rote, this program is tactile, experiential and multi-sensory with
students being physically, visually and aurally fully absorbed.  After building a
repertoire of 30-50 pieces covering a broad range of musical styles, students go on
to learn how to read music, their ability to play so well providing a powerful foundation
for learning the more formal aspects of music education.

The unique design and hands on approach of Simply Music has allowed us to offer
piano lessons to everyone.  Our students are more proficient at reading and
composition and not only become skilled pianists but are skilled in improvisation, jazz,
accompaniment as well as classical music.  Don’t be fooled, Simply Music is NOT
about teaching children a few little songs to have fun with over the summer and it is
not learning by rote.  This is a carefully designed comprehensive music education
program with an extensive and diverse repertoire.  

The Simply Music approach focuses on the fun and sheer pleasure of playing music.  
The “hands on’ nature of the program and the immediate results produced actively
dispel the notion that learning to play means enduring years of lessons, boring
practice sessions and relentless hours of drills.
This is a wonderful
music program and
the results are
astounding! Even if you
don’t consider yourself
musically talented, this
program is designed
for you! It is easy to
understand and easy
to play a full repertoire
of beautiful songs from
a variety of genres. I
also think this program
could be a major
breakthrough for
children with a variety
of cognitive delays and
learning disabilities. I
love the Simply Music

Dr. Anne Margaret
Wright,  licensed
psychologist, and co-
founder of Cyber
Consultants, Touro
University International
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